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We are excited to discuss with you your goals and needs for your upcoming project. There are five areas that should be addressed before an official announcement about a new album or EP. They are:

  1. Distribution – choose an online distributor. If you are going by industry standards, then Friday is the official release day
  2. Website - As the music industry is built on appearance, it is very important to have a professional online presence. This starts with your website.
  3. The 4 most important socials: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.
  4. Newsletter - email is still the most vital asset to generate revenue.
  5. Press – pinpoint your genre, choose publications to pitch new release.

segue entertainment music publicity Our goal at Segue Entertainment is to help you create a long-term plan that will put you ahead of the game. The mission of Segue Entertainment s to provide results-oriented publicity, and marketing. We look forward to speaking with you and potentially working with you.
- Katrina and Shawnie

Phone: 707.578.6728
Mail: 1415 Fulton Road, Ste. 205-A12, Santa Rosa, CA, 95403