"  Katrina Markarian is a pro, with smart strategical thinking, out of the box ideas and fearless enthusiasm. I’ve worked with her in many circumstances and she always exceeded our goals. Katrina rocks!"

- Nadine Condon, Nadine Condon Company
"  I can't think of a better marketing publicist to work with than Katrina. She is complete, thorough, tenacious and a good person to boot!"

- Morty Wiggins, President of 33rd Street Records.
"  Katrina is great. As an independent artist recording blues-oriented music with African musicians, we found ourselves in uncharted territory. But thanks to Katrina and her associates who believed in the album, we have seen a great critical response in national and international publications such as Billboard, Downbeat, Wired, F-Roots, BluesRevue and many others. We have also appeared on BBC, Public Radio International and in both World and Blues programs. This response is certainly a result of Katrina’s efforts. "

- Markus James, Firenze Records
"  Katrina is not only a Goddess amongst women but among publicists. She is a passionate deeply motivated individual who works tirelessly on behalf of promoting and supporting the music and the artist's she represents. The artists who have Katrina and Segue behind them are a fortunate group indeed. I feel very blessed to have her working on my behalf."

- Allyson Paige, Stone Age Venus Productions
"  I would be lost without Katrina Markarian. From the White House coordination, features in major dailies, to Morning Edition and every Podunk little or large show we have done- we have enjoyed amazing press coverage on every release she has worked with us. She's a gem."

- Gaynell Rogers, Blue Muse Management